P235 – Disputes, Mobilisations and Transformations in Africa: Slavery, Race, Urban Changes and Social Identities
8 July, 16:00 – 17:30

Tall Kadya / IMAF/IRD


Disputes, mobilisations et transformations en Afrique : esclavage, race, mutations urbaines et identités sociales


– Ferreira Roquinaldo, Brown University
Internal Diasporas: Slave Resistance and Family Connections during the Era of Abolitionism in Angola
My paper considers how African slaves built on family connections to contribute to the abolition of the slave trade in Angola, one one of the key suppliers of captives to the Atlantic world in the nineteenth century. The paper argues that pervasive slave resistance brought about Diasporic movements through the formation of runaway communities that effectively slowed colonial expansion towards internal Angola.

– Hoffman Barbara, Cleveland State University
Habitat and Culture Change in the City: Houses, Kin, and Traveling Husbands

– Rollefson Griff, University College Cork
“Straight Outta B.C.”: Juice Aleem’s Precolonial Critique

– van der Merwe Schalk, Stellenbosch University
“Who’s the Boss?” Aggressive Racial Politics in Post-apartheid Afrikaans Pop

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