How to organize your panel

Each panel consists of one session of 1h30 minutes, including a maximum of five presentations.

A panellist may only give one presentation. S/he may, however, also convene or participate in a plenary session, panel, or roundtable.

Deadline for submission of presentations to panel organizers: January 15, 2015.

The organizers have until January 20 to inform us of the title and summary of the 5 selected papers by using their Panel Convenor Account (see below).

It is also IMPORTANT to send your panel’ revised text to the steering Commitee by January 20. Please note that this final text must be submitted in two languages (eg English/French, English/Portuguese, French/Portuguese). This new version is the one to appear in the final program of the ECAS.

Evaluation of presentation proposals

Presentation proposals to a given panel are evaluated by the panel organizer(s).

Your panel is listed on the ECAS website in the “Panels’ section”. Persons wishing to propose a presentation for inclusion in your panel may contact you directly through the ECAS website. Proposals will be transmitted directly to your email account.

Once you have received all of the proposals, you will be asked to evaluate them and to inform their authors as to whether you accept or refuse them.

Transmission of accepted proposals to the ECAS team

To submit the list of accepted presentations, sign in to your ECAS account ( using the password that you selected in July/August 2014.

Once you have accessed your account, please list the presentations you have chosen on the form provided to this effect. Kindly fill in all fields. At any point, you can save the information in order to complete it later.

Once this process is completed, please double check and confirm your entries.

Final approval by the steering committee of the selected presentation proposals

Your panel, in its final form, will be definitively confirmed and its contents listed on the web site once you and your panelists have paid the registration fee via the payment platform (link to platform soon).