ECAS 2015 book

Collective Mobilisations in AfricaKadya Tall, Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle & Michel Cahen (eds)
Collective Mobilisations in Africa, Enough is Enough! Mobilisations collectives en Afrique Ça suffit !
Leiden, Brill/Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies, June 2015
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This book uses empirical research to bring together a broad range of protest contexts in twelve chapters. From the formation of Maroon societies in the early colonial period, to female mobilisation in authoritarian contexts, via urban youth culture, women or mineworkers in trade unionism, as well as pro- and anti- gay rights activists, the protagonists here all insist upon their rights to protest in a variety of ways. Sometimes popular protest is expressed through religion, often (and sometimes violently) by young people, exasperated by their long wait for social achievement. Electoral wars and the formation of militias reveal a geography of violence in urban areas, which, in some sectarian excesses, can be displaced to rural areas, as described in the study on Boko Haram.

Contributors are:
Rémy Bazenguissa-Ganga, Raphaël Botiveau, Christophe Broqua, Michel Cahen,Thomas Fouquet, Adam Hizagi, Alcinda Honwana, Alexander Keese, Marie-Nathalie LeBlanc, Dominique Malaquais, Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle, Ophélie Rillon, Johanna Siméant, Benjamin Soares, Kadya Tall.

Table of contents

1. On the banality of mobilisation in Africa / De la banalité des mobilisations en Afrique
Michel Cahen, Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle, Kadya Tall

Part I
De l’attente des jeunes et leurs formes de contestation / Waithood or youth longing for real changes
2. Alcinda Honwana : “Enough is enough!”: Youth protests and political change in Africa.
3. Benjamin Soares & Marie-Nathalie Leblanc: Islam, jeunesse et trajectoires de mobilisation en Afrique de l’Ouest à l’ère néolibérale : un regard anthropologique.
4. Kadya Tall : Dieu, le Pape et la Sainte Vierge : un mouvement de contestation de l’Église catholique au Bénin.
5. Thomas Fouquet : La trame politique des cultures urbaines : motifs dakarois.

Part II
Quand des minorités sociales manifestent / When social minorities demonstrate
6. Alexander Keese : Colonialism and fugitive communities in West Central Africa, 1920-1955 : Seeking parallels with Maroon societies.
7. Ophélie Rillon : Mobilisations féminines en contexte autoritaire : la “dépolitisation” comme outil d’émancipation dans le Mali des années 1970.
8. Christophe Broqua : Les pro, les anti et l’international : mobilisations autour de l’homosexualité en Afrique de l’Ouest.
9. Raphaël Botiveau : Changing leadership representations and loss of union authority in South Africa’s mineworkers’ strikes.

Part III
Violence et état d’exception / Violence and state of exception
10. Dominique Malaquais: Geographies of violence: Urban imaginaries in Douala.
11. Johanna Siméant: Shadow of the state, fear of violence, and the memory of 1991 : Marches and riots in Bamako, Mali (1992-2011).
12. Rémy Bazenguissa-Ganga : Les “guerres électorales” et les mobilisations violentes au Congo-Brazzaville.
13. Adam Higazi : Mobilisation into and against Boko Haram in North-East Nigeria.